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FCC Takes Steps to Reduce Access Arbitrage

WASHINGTON, September 26, 2019—The Federal Communications Commission today took steps to combat wasteful arbitrage schemes that exploit the system of intercarrier compensation between local and long-distance providers, and indirectly cost consumers an estimated $60 million to $80 million annually. These arbitrage schemes are based on a simple tactic: a rural phone company with historically high … Continue reading FCC Takes Steps to Reduce Access Arbitrage

Use of ‘free’ conference-call services no longer free

CLEVELAND, OH — A recent rule change by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will result in a premium surcharge for the use of formerly free conference-call services. To avoid such charges, Penn State Enterprise Networking and Communication Services (ENCS) will begin blocking calls to known free conference-call services made from University telephone numbers on Nov. 1. The … Continue reading Use of ‘free’ conference-call services no longer free

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Hands on assistance to ensure your audio conference success Operator Assisted is a reservation-based service that offers customers audio conferencing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the personal assistance of an operator and support personnel who manage high-touch features. Successful, high-profile conferences don’t just happen. They require countless hours of planning … Continue reading Operator Assisted Conference Calls