A new exciting virtual meeting tool is almost here…

A new exciting virtual meeting tool is almost here…

The world is changing the way it works, and we know how important it is to be able to collaborate and share sensitive corporate information securely and freely. Fortunately we have great news: an excellent new product that you need in order to be confident that your information is secure yet easily accessible is almost here!

Today we have the largest number of remote workers ever, which means your company needs a way to effectively communicate and collaborate. This new tool is designed to fully integrate into your existing day-to-day operation with ease, and without a doubt it will elevate your company’s efficiency to share, collaborate and meet virtually.

Specifically designed for companies looking to improve worker productivity and meeting efficiency, the product provides customers with a cost effective, easy-to-use, high quality and secure meeting platform. Bringing together organizations using disparate technologies, it’s intuitive modern design built with the most current technology available and combined with feedback from the user community created an exciting product that just makes sense. If you are looking to unlock the true potential of meeting virtually, this is the answer.

Features of this new and exciting product include:

  • Improve employee productivity by enabling them to conduct online meetings effectively with Hoot, without being tied to their desk, expanding their productive hours without sacrificing their work-life balance.
  • Deliver effective meetings by sharing sales or training presentations online, with application sharing feature integrated into Hoot so participants can better visualize and comprehend the message.
  • Increased meeting efficiency with no time wasted with dial-in numbers and meeting details, with Hoot’s one click access to start / join meetings.
  • Improve meeting security with on-screen meeting visuals, meeting lock feature and waiting room support, so you never have to worry about unwanted participants listening in on confidential meetings.
  • No need to invest in internal support with easy set-up. Participants do not need to download any plug-ins and client to join meetings.
  • Brings together organizations using disparate technologies – no matter your participants

Contact us today at www.speakspace.com/inquiry to get the first look at this new next generation online meeting tool!

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