Pandemic Lockdown and Conference Calling Services

As the public will be communicating via telephone on a more frequent basis, there will be an increase the number of calls handled by telephone carriers across the globe.

Increased telephone traffic may cause congestion on carrier network(s) and result in users experiencing intermittent connection problems when attempting to connect to conference calls. Users may receive busy/engaged tones, dead air, or network messages. Voice packets may also be lost within congested networks in an effort to keep the call alive. Callers may also experience disconnections as networks become congested.

Please note that this is not related to conferencing platform capacity. Clients local exchange carriers (caller’s carrier) will also have increased call volumes and may experience temporary congestion problems; Intrado does not have control or ownership of local exchange carrier(s) network capacity and is solely managed by the local exchange carrier(s).

Impacted users are advised to use these best practices:

•Connect to conferencing services utilizing VoIP •Offer call times at 15 minutes past or prior to the hour •Only have the essential callers in attendance •Be mindful of conference durations

Contact Us: E-mail, or Call Sales at 866-257-1425, option 2

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