Use of ‘free’ conference-call services no longer free

CLEVELAND, OH — A recent rule change by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will result in a premium surcharge for the use of formerly free conference-call services. To avoid such charges, Penn State Enterprise Networking and Communication Services (ENCS) will begin blocking calls to known free conference-call services made from University telephone numbers on Nov. 1.

The rule change will only affect services accessed via a telephone call, including and It will not impact internet-based services like SpeakSpace.

Users also may incur unexpected charges due to the change if they access affected conference-call services from a personal device.

For an alternative audio-conferencing service, users should consider SpeakSpace. SpeakSpace is an approved conferencing service, and is flexible, mobile and can accommodate small and large groups. The service also has video conferencing capability. To learn more, review the SpeakSpace web site.

For technical assistance using SpeakSpace or to request new service, contact us 216-685-1484, by email at

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