Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Hands on assistance to ensure your audio conference success

Operator Assisted is a reservation-based service that offers customers audio conferencing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the personal assistance of an operator and support personnel who manage high-touch features.

Successful, high-profile conferences don’t just happen. They require countless hours of planning and relentless attention to detail. If you’re in the hot seat, managing a high profile conference is a high-stakes, high-stress assignment. There’s a great deal at risk: content details, participant management, speaker preparation and follow-up.

These events need to be executed flawlessly in order to ensure their success. From large-scale investor relations calls to small board-of-directors meetings, and everything in between, count on us to work with you step-by-step, providing the help you need before, during and after your conference.

Before the Call
Rely on our knowledgeable specialists to ensure that your meeting comes off without a hitch. The event services team is available to assist you with all aspects of planning your conference.

During the Call
Keep your conference on track by knowing who is on your call and engaging your participants. An expert operator is always available to immediately respond to requests or offer assistance with tasks like call recording, polls, moderate, muting, managing behind the scene items and much more.

What You Will Get
Operator Assisted audio conferencing offers a variety of features so you can get the most of your audio conferences:
• Scheduling your conference
• Broadcasting and recording
• Entering your conference
• Administering your conference
• Gathering data for your conference
• Securing your conference

From a basic conference when operators greet participants and ensure the quality of your call to major events and IR calls that require an operator to facilitate Q&A sessions and conduct polling, we can meet all your conferencing needs.


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