5 Reasons Why Businesses are Transitioning from Audio Conferencing to Streaming Solution

Throughout this period of digital transformation, a big trend we’re seeing is a shift from audio conferencing to online for events. This has been driven for a variety of reasons, and I wanted to highlight the top 5 reasons you, your business and your stakeholder could benefit from this transition.

Sharing of Content

A big advantage is the ability to share content, our brains retain 90% of visual information, which is further reinforced with audio commentary. Of course for audio conferencing you can share the slides in advance, however this could lead to misinformation as audience members may follow out of sync. Whereas streaming and webcasting solution provide a completed synced experience, allowing viewers to follow the presentation as intended by the presenter/s.

You can even kick this up a notch by adding live video for your presenters to add transparency and additional levels of comfort for viewers.


Webcast technology is typically browser based, so viewers can watch presentation across ALL devices with no downloads. With the general of BYOD and the continued growth of smart phone usage; it’s easier than ever to connect to your stakeholders. For internal communications you can reach all levels of your workforce, even if they’re not desktop based via their personal devices, or internally set-up viewing areas.

Customised registration forms also make it easy for you to capture information of your audience, without holding them up from joining the call. And with tools like Active Directory integration this can be even simpler with 1 click access.

Robust reporting

Analytics of viewers is vastly improved; tracking activity of their engagement throughout the presentation. This can be integrated into your general event workflow with API integrations into internal reporting, CRM and Marketing Optimisation platforms. Giving you greater intelligence on your audience, whilst keeping it easier to remain compliant with how you collect and store this data.

Having these elements set up correctly, really help increase the bang for your buck when running online events.

Cost Saving

Talking about ROI a big driver for the transition from Audio to Online, has been the cost reduction opportunities it affords as audiences scale.

Not only can you save money, but it tends to be a lot simpler to provide costing for an online event, as there is no requirement for estimation based on audience count, and where those audience members come from. Therefore when building a business case for an event that requires a quick turnaround streaming often provides a simpler and cost effective approach.

Re-purposing of Content

Archiving of online events, allows you to increase you audience reach by providing them multiple opportunities to engage with the content OnDemand. This can still include the interactive features such as social media integration, Q&A, Polling etc. However webcasts can also be re-purposed to create additional content assets for various calls to action.

They can be transformed into MP4’s for hosting on VOD solutions, YouTube or Social Channels. They can be converted to HQ audio files for podcasting.

Whereas some of these options are available with audio conferencing it can be more difficult and time costly to turn these projects around.

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