Hosting an Attorney Conference Call

Hosting an Attorney Conference Call

When it comes to hosting attorney conference calls, it’s not too different from hosting

traditional business conference calls. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.
Use the tips below to prepare yourself for hosting attorney conference calls in your law practice.

1. Enable Client Matter Billing Code:  Keep track of your attorney conference calls for each client. One of the best reasons to choose an attorney conference calling service such as SpeakSpace of your time spent in attorney conference calls on a per client basis. These are billable hours, and we make it easy for you to quickly identify all calls made each month for each client.  Simply host your attorney conference calls and enter the appropriate Client Matter Billing Code or (PAC) Project Accounting Code.

2. Security is paramount:  Ensuring client confidentiality is one of the pillars of any law practice, which is why choosing a conference calling service with security built in is crucial. Several security features, such as PINs, a live online admin, and announcements, are available to ensure that only those you’ve invited to the conference call can join in. You can even lock your attorney conference calls to prevent people from joining the call once it’s underway.
3. Learn about attorney conference call etiquette and protocol:  Attorney conference calls have a set of do’s and don’ts. For example, you’ll want to mute and unmute your line when speaking or listening to ensure that ambient noise isn’t broadcast to the group. As the moderator, you can also mute the lines of other participants as needed. If you intend to invite a judge to an attorney conference call, make sure that all of the other parties have already joined the call before calling the judge and making the connection.  Choose a provider that has Dolby Noise Reduction enabled on the conference bridges and network.
4. Lead by example:  It’s smart to quickly brief conference call participants about how to interact within the call, especially if they are unaccustomed to conference calling. For example, you can instruct them how to mute and unmute their lines. During the call, lead by example so that they can follow your lead. For example, announce your name before speaking so that it’s readily apparent to all listeners, and the court reporter if applicable, who’s speaking.
5. Use attorney conference calls to educate, inform, and prospect for clients:  There are any number of ways you can use your attorney conferencing service in your law firm including holding audio depositions, negotiations, client meetings, staff meetings, and more.  Many attorneys set up recurring conference calls for the general public to learn more about their services or an area of law. For example, if you’re an estate attorney, you could answer questions about probate law, health directives, and wills and trusts in a public conference call. This is a good way to expose your law firm to potential clients while also generating goodwill amongst the community.
6. Consider using a pay-as-you-go service for the flexibility and features:  SpeakSpace offers a no-contract, pay-as-you-go attorney conference calling services tailor-made for law firms. Our service has all of the advanced conference calling and
web conferencing features you need along with the utmost security, Dolby crystal clear connections, client matter billing codes, unlimited recordings, competitive rates, detailed reports, and operator assistance. Since there’s no contract, there’s no reason not to give us try. Sign up for a SpeakSpace account today and see for yourself just how useful and affordable hosting attorney conference calls can be.
Are Attorney Conference Calls Secure?
While it’s unlikely that spies or hackers are attempting to listen in to your attorney conference calls, security is still a concern, especially if you use the same access numbers and PINs for your conference calls. For example, someone may accidentally dial-in, momentarily invading the privacy of your teleconference.
On the other hand, corporate espionage is a concern – and who knows to what extreme the other parties in a lawsuit, dispute, divorce, estate, merger, or acquisition may go to in order to gain the upper hand. Because security and confidentiality are so important to your law practice, it’s crucial to ask yourself if your attorney conference calls are secure and to take measures to ensure that they are.
Conference Call Vulnerabilities
Unauthorized users can gain entry to your attorney conference calls in several ways. Below are just a few examples of how your conference calls could be breached:
  • They could simply dial in and wait – If you use the same conference access numbers and PINs for all of your conference calls, someone who has joined previous calls could randomly dial in and snoop. These snoops could be anyone from a former employee or a vendor to other attorneys, court reporters, private investigators, activists, reporters, past or current clients, and so on.
  • They could intercept an email containing conference calling details – This reportedly happened to the FBI and Scotland Yard in 2012. While your computer system may be clean of spyware and malware, once an email leaves your system, it’s no longer under your control.
  • They might accidentally join an earlier conference call – If you hold back-to-back conference calls using the same IDs and passcode, some attendees may call in early, inadvertently joining your call in progress.
Tips to Secure Your Attorney Conference Calls
Below are a few easy steps you can take to secure your attorney conference calls:
  • Use a conference calling service designed specifically for law firms. SpeakSpace for example, is built for the legal profession. We understand the need for confidentiality and include advanced security features in our pay-as-you-go attorney conference calling plans.
  • Request a unique passcode for your attorney conference calls. While it’s helpful to use the same access numbers, conference IDs, and passcodes for recurring conference calls with the same attendees, you may want to set up a unique passcode for individual conference calls to ensure their complete privacy. You can do this in advance when creating the conference room.
  • Activate the roll call feature. The roll call feature will tell you exactly who’s on the call at any given time. Another way to find out who’s on the conference call is to use the live online conference viewer. You can also use entry and exit announcements to let you know whenever someone joins or leaves the conference call.
  • Lock the conference call. Once everyone has joined the meeting, our attorney conferencing service allows you to lock the call so that no one else can join. This is an easy feature to implement (just a couple of buttons to press on your keypad) and one of the best ways to ensure that no one else can join your call secretly or accidentally.  Here at Client Matter Conference, securing your attorney conference calls is one of our top priorities.

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