Working remotely…in an office?

Working remotely…in an office?

You’ve landed the ideal work from home job. So why should you move back into an office space? 

Coworking is the newest trend for remote workers

Coworking is a style of shared working space, and with over 1 million Americans having used a co-working space at some point, it’s an explosive U.S. trend. The idea of working on independent activities in the same environment as others can bring about a fresh motivation to your professional life. A healthy dose of community is a source of inspiration for many, and coworking spaces provide just that.

Coworking provides a balanced, non competitive and motivating culture. Many of the companies that own them even offer “community building” opportunities by having happy hours in house and group brainstorming sessions.

The coworking benefits

There are huge benefits to working in shared space. Participants can still do their thing while feeling a sense of an intentional community. Cowork spaces provide opportunities for networking, trading advice, swapping skillsets, and simply to feel genuinely inspired. Shared work spaces offer a personally appeasing environment for getting serious work done, and can be very attractive to the self-employed.

You can send emails, check off tasks from your calendar, complete a successful conference call, and allow the creative juices to flow without the distractions of working from home or fighting for a seat at the local coffee shop! Coworking is a fantastic option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and individuals to work “together” yet separate.

There are even new, trendy office spaces popping up all over the country specifically for coworkers.  Find a coworking spot near you, like the spaces offered by Have you tried coworking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

No matter where you’re working, you can maximize your productivity and work day with SpeakSpace conference calling solutions. Contact us to learn more today!

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