Are you getting the most out of your meetings?

Are you getting the most out of your meetings?

Business meetings and conference calls may seem somewhat unnecessary in today’s technological world where everything is instantly accessible. But there are great benefits to scheduling effective and engaging meetings, either physically or via conference call. Read our tips on how to get the most of your next meeting and have participants leave feeling focused and accomplished.

Do your homework

Preparation is key for a structured, successful business meeting. Create an agenda and/or checklist digitally or physically and provide to members before the meeting begins if you’re the organizer. Know your fellow audience member’s backgrounds and interests (try LinkedIn!) and touch on key points throughout the meeting. Completing this work will make you feel prepared and confident for the work ahead, and ensures a meeting is even necessary.   

Stay Engaged!

In an age of endless technology, staying engaged in meetings is tough, plain and simple. If you are attending a meeting, work purposefully to stay actively engaged with the speaker. Take notes, ask questions, and maybe even leave digital devices in another room for the time being. Encourage other participants to hold small-group dialogues and further conversations amongst themselves instead of becoming disengaged with the topics.  

Utilize Technology

Technology is a great tool to get the most out of your meeting times. Replace meetings altogether with Slack, a communication app that allows internal messages to be sent and received. It improves rapport with colleagues and can frequently substitute in-person meetings. Share information via Google Docs or Google Slides, or complete the meeting solely using technology in the form of a conference call.

Decide: Can this meeting be a conference call?

Conference calls have completely changed the way that professional meetings operate, regardless how small the business is. A primary benefit of conference calling is saving valuable time and money where it counts most. Colleagues are less stressed over the idea of finding time to meet and discuss important issues, and conference calls increase overall production.


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